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January 17 2013


Choose The Right Antivirus For Your PC

Internet is the knowledge gaining medium through various sources available across universe.

Mostly 75% of people use internet in various location for various purposes. Fear of internet threats has also increased , resulting in the demand for security software in quest protect their pc from hackers and other malicious software.

Antivirus is one of the powerful security software that would keep hackers out and personal information in. While taking antivirus software there are tons of antivirus programs available at market, but its our responsibility to choose the right antivirus program which would suit our computer needs.

Antivirus from Comodo provides you total PC protection for free of cost. With the help of comodo's user-friendly interface you can easily drive or file, get in-depth reports on viral activities and find out the suspicious files.

When Comodo antivirus finds any malware or virus in a file it would immediately place those file in Antivirus Jail. That file will be blocked. When found that particular file is a 100 % virus then it would completely delete that file. It also includes a mechanism for users to submit any suspicious looking file to the safe list and get immediate feedback on possible viral files from their security experts and other PC users.

The Best Antivirus should definitely have the following features

Default Deny Protection

Prevention-based security

Auto Sandbox Technology

Full strength, top notch virus detection and elimination

Quarantine system to isolate suspicious files

Spyware scanning

Cloud based antivirus

Cloud based Behavior Analysis

Personalized alerts

Cloud based White listing

Application Control

Game Mode

Automatic updates

One-click scanning

Uncluttered, user-friendly interface

Real-time access to updated virus definitions

Unique slider to easily change your current security level

All the above features is enclosed in Comodo antivirus program.

Some of the secrets of Comodo antivirus are

It protects you from any online malware attacks while you are online

Provides instant remote tech support 7 days a week

Prevents all viruses, malwares and spywares from invading your PC

Improves PC performance

Improve efficiency of your computer.

It provides automatic updates for the most current virus protection

Easy to use interface lets you install and forget: no annoying pop-ups or false alarms

Defense + technology constantly protects you

Proactive "intelligent" protection intercepts unknown threats

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 and 152 MB RAM / 400 MB hard disk space.

If you think you want to protect your PC from any kind of attacks and live virus free then its right time for you to download and install the Comodo antivirus in your PC.

For further information about Comodo Antivirus please visithttp://antivirus.comodo.com/

December 31 2012


Best SSL Certificate From Comodo

Today's online environment is filled with innovative thoughts and ideas. Number of technological ideas evolve on a daily basis, leaving aside the outdated ideas. Internet has made 85 % of the human work easier through online. Booking bus tickets, train tickets, cinema tickets and also paying utility bills are possible through internet.

Along with these developments it has made human life troublesome. While you are online you need to check whether the sites and businesses you deal with,are safe enough to furnish confidential data .

Hackers and cybercriminals adopt a tricky way in stealing all the confidential information from any website. The best idea to protect and save from these malicious attempts is to enhance the security of a website security by installing SSL Certificate.

Also at present there are lot of SSL Certificate providers around the world. Choosing a right SSL provider is of prime important. If you choose a SSL Certificate that is not suited for you, then having a SSL Certificate is of no use.

Comodo is the world's largest provider for business-validated SSL Certificates. Comodo authenticates and secures online communication for over 200,000 business customers worldwide and also protects more than 25,000,000 global users of its award-winning desktop security solutions.

Comprehensive range of highly trusted SSL Certificate products designed to meet the needs of every business is offered by Comodo which is a leading brand in online security.

Few types of SSL Certificate provided by Comodo are

  • Comodo SSL

  • Comodo Wildcard SSL

  • InstantSSL Premium

  • Premium SSL

  • EV SSL

Each SSL Certificate have their own benefits and can be used for various purposes. All Comodo SSL Certificates feature 256-bit encryption, unlimited server licenses, and an unlimited re-issuance policy.

Comodo SSL provides you the cost-effective and powerful security for e-commerce websites. This is the quickest way for online business to protect the customer transactions with SSL security. Wildcard SSL certificates would be the right choice for you to choose if you have a single domain and multiple subdomains. It also provides all the benefits of Comodo SSL with the addition of wildcard support.

Wildcard SSL certificate save time and money by allowing your customers to secure their domain and all sub-domains with a single certificate. Your information which is traveling over the internet cannot be read or changed if you use InstantSSL certificate. This enables you and your customers to complete transactions along with the assurance of your information.

To secure unlimited subdomains on your site such as www.yourdomain.com, secure.yourdomain.com Premium Wildcard SSL is the right choice. One Wildcard SSL certificate saves you money and time by simplifying ssl certificate management - use a single certificate to secure all of your subdomains. EV SSL Certificate helps you in providing the highest levels of encryption, trust and security immediately.

Some of the features of SSL Certificate are

  • Full business validated certificate

  • Highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256 bit encryption

  • Issued in minutes, no paper work required

  • Recognized by 99.9% of browsers and mobile devices

  • Free 'Comodo Secure' site seal builds customer confidence

  • Unlimited server licenses

  • Priority phone support

  • $10,000 relying party warranty

  • 30 day, no questions, money back guarantee

  • Free upgrade to EV SSL

For further details about SSL Certificate from Comodo please visit


December 06 2012


Consumer Benefits of Comodo Elite SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates create online shopping trust for millions of computer shoppers each year. This fact is not arguable. The thought of computer hackers stealing your personal information, bank account info and even your complete identity is always in the back of your mind when you are processing orders online. But this concern is not limited to simply the customers who shop online. 

Hundreds of thousands of online-based companies today depend on SSL Certificate programs from Comodo on a regular basis. They rely on these trustworthy SSL Certificates because they can enjoy the safe secure world of a company who pays attention to the smallest details. It is also extremely vital in taking care of their customer’s concerns about shopping on their websites. 

In today’s online internet security world, the SSL Certificates used by online businesses and individuals must contain new information about the client or company processing an order or a download. Depending on where your company is hosted, certain information may or may not be needed for the Secure Socket Layers. 

This is when the SSL Certificate software programs that Comodo develops come into play. Comodo offers SSL Elite Certificates, which are guaranteed to be verified allowing consumers and clients to both hold an air of satisfaction that their information is secure and unseen by people who may be packet sniffing in the area. Comodo has been in the business of securing your information for the last decade. With their services in place, within your Enterprise Company, you will have zero worries. 

There is always the need for companies to have available a processing place for goods sold or traded, for clients to buy and clients to download information from the site. This includes the processing of coupon printing machines used over a secure layer. The information is only given to those with an account set up with the parent company. 

If you are currently looking for the best in the field of secure socket layer protection and online order processing, any smart business owner should seriously consider the Comodo SSL Certificates. These SSL Certificates allow enterprise businesses to access their services in a two-year system, which is offered in different layers. 

Comodo has Elite Class, Gold, Silver and Platinum services available for businesses of all size. Each tier is a different price and offers a different set of needs. Comodo does not set a limit to the physical servers which can be used with their 128 bit industry standard certificates. With almost a 100% guarantee of browser recognition there is no reason why you should not choose this type of trustworthy SSL Certificate. 

Comodo is the most trusted name in online SSL services across the globe. More enterprise companies choose Comodo, a company they can get a live support agent with, when there is an error or problem. There are free phone services and priority help. When you use Comodo, you get hacker safe security, a consumer trusted integrity logo and a trusted logo which will ensure your company remains trustworthy to all of your important customers. This is what powers successful business in today’s online world.Bottom of Form

December 04 2012


Comodo SSL Certificates – The Best Option for Delivering Peace of Mind

What is more important in today’s online shopping world than shopping on a safe and secure website? The simple answer is – nothing. With thousands of online predators seeking to steal your valuable personal information each day, it is surprising that more people don’t fall victim identity theft each day. But, there is one important tool that provides peace of mind to the millions of online shoppers each day – a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate.

Today, the idea of being cost effective when purchasing technology needs for an enterprise company is a key factor in who to choose for your Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transactions. When you think about how important, your business is, how your clients are important to you and the meaning of being protected while interacting with your own company by using reliable SSL Certificates like the ones that are offered by Comodo.

Quite frankly, Comodo is the master when it comes to protecting your online business and customer interactions. There are no two ways about it, Comodo offers cost effective SSL certificates for the smallest of companies to NASA and other Fortune 500 captains of industry. Recently a small, family run company that provides medical supplies and equipment to doctors realized that their online shopping could be vastly improved by installing a reliable SSL Certificateon their online business website.

TENSnet.com made this decision in early November 2012 to install the Comodo SSL Certificate to offer their customers a secure internet shopping experience. “As an online business owner, I understand that my customers depend on our website to be safe and secure to buy medical supplies and equipment,” stated Suzie Tucker, one of the owners of TENSnet.com; a family-run business. “This was why our family chose to make the investment in a reliable SSL Certificate like the ones Comodo offer small business owners. The Comodo name is trustworthy, and we need our customers to feel 100% safe while shopping on our website.” 

Some companies want to hide behind the bush when it comes time to point-to-verify credentials of companies. However, the fact remains that consumers are becoming more aware of how vital shopping on a website that offers reliable SSL Certificates installed on the websites they choose. Comodo offers a unique seal of trust so your customers can have a good solid peace of mind when performing transactions on your web sites.

Encryption is the key to controlling the efficiency of any web site. Comodo guarantees two hundred and sixty five different individual signatures with more than two thousand combinations; proof positive – customer protection.
The digital voice, the new era running on IPv6 is able to host millions of shoppers, having a good solid peace of mind with Comodo’s secure socket layer certificates will not only ensure you are able to capture traffic on your site, but also offer shoppers a secure feeling. 

No matter what your budget may be, there are several layers of the securities you can purchase from Comodo. If you are an Enterprise Company, with a global market and are looking to keep your costs down, the programs with Comodo make all the difference. Be sure to take time and check out Comodo SSL Certificates - you’ll be very glad you did.

How Reliable is a Free Antivirus?

Have you ever questioned how reliable a free antivirus download can be for your important computer? If you do, you’re not alone. Several million computer users each year question whether or not to install a free antivirus program or spend the money on what they consider or assume is a better option. 

But, what if we were to tell you that there is a free antivirus program that is rated higher than most paid products? Comodo is the United States leading free download provider for the best internet and antivirus software. Better than big names such as Kaspersky or McAfee. Comodo offers you the best for absolutely free.

Unlike other antivirus products for free or even paid, Comodo offers you the same abilities as high end companies. You can schedule a virus scan, or just run a simple scan on the items you want to check. You can also set up Comodo to allow scans in the cloud, while changing your DNS server. Comodo also allows you to submit suspicious files and quarantined items to be further analysed. 

Any other antivirus company would want additional payments for you to send them information about other suspicious files. Comodo wants you to have 100% piece of mind, that your computer is free from viruses and problems. Being this secure is enough to make anyone with common sense try this absolutely free download. 

Free Antivirus programs today often seem to want to cheat you out of the files you need to protect your computer, internet browsing, instant messaging protections and now the cloud protect. Each entity you add to your antivirus package starts adding on additional costs, ten dollars here and there until pretty soon the cost of your program has gone from twenty-four dollars into the two hundred dollar bracket. You have kids; kids love to game; it only makes sense to have a well-protected computer? 

Several Enterprise companies, from the small online business to the big box retailers spend upwards of two hundred dollars for their entire company to be protected, in today’s world, who has this kind of money to spend on protect? Comodo, is in command over the free antivirus market, they have wonderful help for those people who need extra reassurances their software is running well and doing what it says it will do. 

Today’s antivirus programs offered by Comodo simply put are the best that money doesn’t have to buy. They are truly dedicated to providing you a great and reliable product. Truth being told, there are even better upgrades available from Comodo that provide detailed and full-service antivirus protection. 

No one likes to be online without trustworthy antivirus protection these days. With Trojan horses and worms blasting their way through emails and instant messages, there is a good reason to be using Comodo. Don’t be left out in the cold this winter with some store shelf brand antiquated antivirus program. Get the best, off the internet – Comodo, where your peace of mind is their prime reason for making the best antivirus program a free download.

November 16 2012


Wildcard SSL – The Perfect Program for Protecting Multiple Website Sub-Domains

In the economic climate we live today, small business owners and individuals spend a lot of time trying to find affordable and cost-effective measures to protect their websites and customers from unwanted security risks. The fact of online business is that your customers rely on a solid SSL certificate and software program to provide them with trust, knowing that your website is safe and secure 100% of the time. But what is an effective plan for protecting multiple website pages or sub-domains without having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for individual certificates?

Simply put – it’s the Wildcard SSL program. And if you have multiple sub-domain websites powering your business, this program is the perfect solution to protecting your website and important customers from unwanted security risks – all in a cost-effective package. 

The Wildcard SSL certificate for an individual domain.com is great for securing individual sub-domains such as:
  • payments.domain
  • secure.domain.com
  • login.domain.com
  • forums.domain.com
  • mail.domain.com
  • anything.domain.com
The best part of this package is that instead of having to purchase multiple certificates, this reliable and trustworthy protection is available in one simple to use program. Some of the key features of the new Wildcard SSL certificate include:
  • Allowing business owners and individuals to save money and streamline the website administration process by consolidating all the sub-domain pages on your website into one single Wildcard SSL certificate.
  • Provide online business owner the important ability to integrate full business validations, a future-proof 2048 bit keys with a powerful 128/256 bit encryption; which is 99.9% effective with all browsers and devises to recognize as being a secure site.
  • Giving small business owners unlimited server licenses and an unlimited re-issuance policy that comes with a 30-day, zero-questions asked refund and a $250,000 warranty.
Today’s online shopper demands protection for every website they visit. And the Comodo Wildcard SSL provides that TrustLogo feature that allows real-time ‘point-to-verify’ technology that displays your companies authenticated business credentials anytime your customers places the mouse cursor over that highly trustworthy seal. 

It has been well documented in the past that when companies fail to provide their customers with a recognizable SSL Certificate, the people who truly power your website (the paying customers) simple choose a more secure option to spend their money. In fact, nearly 75% of all online shoppers first verify that the website they are using is protected with a reliable and trustworthy SSL Certificate. 

The question you must ask yourself as a business owner is whether or not your website security and that of your customers and potential customers is worth the investment of purchasing an SSL Certificate. With the Wildcard SSL program, you no longer have the need to buy multiple products. Just one – and a quality SSL Certificate in fact, that can power your entire website. 

The end result is that your customers feel safe, secure and can trust that you have their best interest in mind while they spend their money on the goods and services you provide them – all thanks to the Wildcard SSL Certificate.

November 07 2012


Comparing Liam Neeson to SSL Security Software

There was a rumor out once that Irish born actor Liam Neeson once made a mistake and was not able to save the day – ONCE. The star of the new action thriller TAKEN 2 has historically played roles in movies which have created a persona similar to Chuck Norris. I say similar only due to the fact that if Chuck Norris knew I was making a true comparison – he’d find me and round-house kicks me in the face.

But the characters Liam portrayed in recent years lend one to believe that he could seriously get stuff done. Case in point, in the past 10 years Liam Neeson has:

  • Been the Greek god Zeus in the remake of Clash of the Titans
  • Was the leader of the League of Shadows who trained Batman the Dark Knight and Super-Evil dude Bane
  • Found some kid named Anakin Skywalker and began his training to become the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars – maybe regretted that one
  • Was Hannibal Smith the leader of The A-Team and could plan any attack
  • Saved the lives of thousands of Jewish prisoners in the movie Schindler’s List
  • And even was a Lion – Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia movie series

Talk about an impressive resume. And in the new movie, Taken 2, he reprises his role as a former superspy operative who had his daughter kidnapped. That was a bad mistake for the bad guys, but good news for his daughter.

I kind of wonder sometimes if the people who design SSL Security Software ever thought of using the character’s Liam Neeson plays in movies as a template to design effective software to protect computer users from being hijacked.
Seems legit – right?

SSL Security Software is designed to protect computer users from having their private information stolen when they are vulnerable – kind of like how Oskar Schindler protected all those Jewish concentration camp refugees in the movie Schindler’s List. The job of SSL Security Software is also to come up with an effective plan to wipe out any potential or harmful viruses to attach to your computer and slow things down – just like the Hannibal Smith of the A-Team would. And SSL Security Software is designed to provide a protective shield to ensure anytime you are surfing on the internet, no force can penetrate.
Are you seeing a pattern here?

Bottom line, although the characters that Liam Neeson plays in movies are fictional, the persona he has creates the perception that when you’re in trouble, and need to have somebody protect you – those guys pretty much get the job done right. With new SSL Security programs on the market today, many of these same protection attributes are realistic in order to ensure every computer user who has a Liam Neeson-type protective shield covering them is definitely in good shape.

November 01 2012


Compare SSL Certificates & Find Out Which Is The Best

SSL market is the quickest and most cost effective way for any online businesses looking to protect customer transactions with high assurance SSL security. Choosing the SSL Provider who can offer cheap SSL Certificates for your business is important as it helps to cut down cost. Compare SSL Certificate plays the major role in online business.

The Best SSL Certificates provides the following feature like Immediate validation and assurance2048 signatures/256 bit encryption, Trusted by 99.9% of browsers, Unlimited Server Licences,Industry Leading Support, 30 day money back Guarantee,Free Trust Logo Boost conversation,$250,000 warranty. With all these addons the SSL Provider should give you a complete support guide.

Who are those Certificate Authorities and How To Compare SSL Providers?

Choosing the right SSL Provider for your business is a very important decision to make. First of all the major point is to know about who are all the SSL Vendors in the SSL Certificate market. The Certificate Authorities in SSL market are COMODO CA,Verisign,Twate,Digicert,Geo-Trust,the tough thing is to decide SSL Certificate providers that suits your business needs.

The Compare SSL table from whichssl.com gives a clear cut picture for choosing a right SSL Certificate for your online business.

The Compare SSL Chart will be useful for the Web hosts, Retailers, Enterprises, Compare Vendors etc., The only gateway that makes you to save your time and cost. This common roof will be a effective tool to make decisions in obtaining SSL certificates from proper Certificate Authorities.

To know more about Comparison of SSL Certificates, visit http://www.whichssl.com/

October 29 2012


Which SSL Certificate Do I Need

<!-- @<a href="http://page.soup.io">page</a> { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } --&ampBefore diving deeply about whichssl certificate or on how to Compare SSL Certificate providers and choosing the right one for your E-commerce business let me discuss few terms like E-Commerce or Retail business online and their security impacts.

The Internet has created many new global business opportunities for enterprises conducting online E-commerce. E-commerce is nothing but it is the process of business-to-bussiness buying and selling through Internet. Some of the examples of E-commerce business is electronic funds transfer,supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing,electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

SSL is your Key to E-Commerce Security.Why SSL Certificates play a main role in this E-Commerce business ?, How these SSL providers like COMODO,Verisgn,Geotrust etc., are going to help us.

Special E-Commerce Online Security is needed for the growing business and online customer trust.Every E-Commerce business holder need to think about which SSL Certificate will suit their business.

Learn how to select the most suitable SSL certificate vendor and what they can offer you. Learn how and where to deploy the cheapest SSL or FREE SSL certificates, secure site seals and trust indicators in ways that increase visitor confidence to drive up your conversion rates and increase your revenue. whichssl.com tell you about the best, cheapest and FREE SSL certs. They even draw comparisons.

Whichssl.com have done various research which helps you to save your time. It Compare SSL according to the cost,browser compatibilities, Business needs, global market share etc.,

To know more about Comparing SSL Certifcates, Visit: http://www.whichssl.com/

October 18 2012


How To Choose A Right SSL Certificate For Your E-business

<!-- @<a href="http://page.soup.io">page</a> { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } --&One of the major task and responsibility in E-Commerce business is choosing a right SSL Provider for your business.

SSL certificate secures the transactions carried out in Online businesses, which indeed transforms in imbibing trust in the minds of visitors enabling them to initiate a transaction.

Compare SSL certificate helps you in choosing the right SSL Certificate for your e-business.

SSL market is witnessing heavy competition by the entry of new players, which has raised the bar for technological advancements in SSL certificate..

How do you get the best one from these providers???? the only solution is to research on the SSL providers based on your business needs like certificate assurance,warranty and cost.

Compare SSL Certificates is with regard to Encryption level, Price, Size of your business,browser compatibility,validation level,certificate duration,Server licenses,warranty,speed of insurance in compare SSL.com,as features varies with providers

To know more about Compare SSL Visit, http://www.whichssl.com/

October 11 2012


Tips for Installing SSL Certificate on Windows Microsoft Exchange 2010

According to several computer experts, the latest and greatest tool to defend against unwanted security breaches while using Windows Microsoft Exchange 2010 to surf the net is the installation of a high-quality SSL Certificate.

Many people believe, and it's backed up by tons of research stating this to be true, is that a properly installed and professionally built Security SSL Certificate can make your internet browsing 100% secure from unwanted hacks. It's also confirmed by testing that if you're a website host or company, having this feature on your website can significantly improve customer shopping habits and provide Trust to your consumer base.

So, let's say that you've just bought the coolest and best SSL Certificate to use on your computer - how exactly do you go about installing it correctly? Well, if you use Windows Microsoft Exchange, here are a few helpful hints on how to successfully install any SSL Certificate onto your computer.

Step 1 - Download the file from the SSL Security Company and open the zip file that contains your SSL Certificate. This file will be a .cer indicator and will be noted by your domain name. For example, if your domain name is grabthelightning.com, then your certificate file will be grabthelightning.cer in most cases.

Step 2 - Copy the Certificate file to your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Step 3 - You then need to start the Microsoft Exchange program console. The best way to do this is; go to your start menu, select programs, Microsoft Exchange 2010 then select the Exchange Management Console file.

Step 4 - Select the 'Manage Database' file then click on the Server Configuration file

Step 5 - You then will select the certificate that you copied into the Microsoft Exchange Server above and then select the 'ACTIONS' menu to COMPLETE PENDING REQUEST. Locate your certificate and then click OPEN then COMPLETE.

At this time you're going to see an error message that states "THE SOURCE DATA IS CORRUPTED...." simply ignore this warning - its ok.

Step 6 - Hit the F5 button on your keyboard to refresh the certificate. You then need to make sure that it says "FALSE" in the SELF SIGNED section. If it says TRUE, go back to step 1.

Step 7 - To enable the certificate, you need to head backward to the Microsoft Exchange Management Console and pick the link that says 'ASSIGN SERVICES TO CERTIFICATE" and select this link by clicking.

Step 8 - Find your server on the provided list and click it.

Step 9 - Pick which services you want to use your SSL Certificate with then select NEXT - ASSIGN - FINISH and you're done.

If you've done this - in this order, your services should be now complete and your Windows Microsoft Exchange 2010 should be 100% secure against any incoming attacks from hackers or those people who have nothing better to do than steal your identity.

The Smartest Thing a Business Owner can do to protect an E-Commerce Website

And the Valuable Customers who shop online

They say the first thing that inspires consumers to act on their desire to purchase a product is trust. And this is vitally important in the online e-commerce marketplace. Contrary to popular opinion, a large portion of the total consumer segment is still leery about purchasing merchandise online without some level of support and trust in knowing the website they are using is 100% SAFE and SECURE.

The truth is that as secure as some websites might think they are, anybody with half-a brain and some basic computer hacking skills can easily steal your companies – and more importantly, your customer’s private financial information. This not only will reduce your product sales, but pretty much ensure that the customer who had their information stolen on your website will not return to buy from you in the future.

As an owner of a pretty successful company which relies on our e-commerce shopping cart to generate merchandise sales, one thing that became vitally critical to me two-years ago was that with all the online marketing, sporting event sponsorships, and even direct links in social networking sites we provided tens of thousands of fans of our product – our online sales were quite frankly pathetic. We were bringing in less than $5,000 per month in revenue for a product which people loved to consume and were not yet available in local stores.

The question we had was why were sales so low?

Then, we got the best email from a potential customer who asked us, “Which SSL security software is your website verified with?” Our company is very good at replying to emails, so I took it upon myself to reply to the customer with a simple – yet stupid reply when I stated, “What is an SSL Security Software and what does that have to do with purchasing online?”

Needless to say, the lecture I got was rather educational to say the least. It was humbling as well, so I decided to do some research about consumer confidence with e-commerce shopping. According to a report published from OneUpWeb.com, nearly 75 % of all online consumers they surveyed only purchased merchandise from a website which displayed a trustworthy seal of security – Like the Norton Secured Seal or VeriSign Checkmark and the Comodo SSL Certificate.

This prompted us to do some research and find out how expensive this was going to cost us. We were shocked to learn that we could have a highly reliable SSL Certificate and program to protect our customers for less than $100.00 per year when we installed the Comodo SSL Certificate for Small Business.

Now, I don’t know how this program works, but basically what I was told by a few hard-core computer people at our company was thanks to a unique encryption program that receives over 99% of trusted value for most of the internet browsers on the market, when people visit your website and they see the Comodo Certificate on the website, this provided them a sense of security knowing the website was secure. In turn, when want to purchase merchandise, they are safe to complete the transaction without somebody hacking into the network and stealing their private information.

What was the result of this change?

Well, our sales grew from an average of $5K every fiscal period to doubling sales volume in less than a month. We didn’t do anything different in marketing our product, just simply made sure that our website was safe and secure.

The Comodo Small Business SSL program is definitely awesome, but it certainly is not the only one on the market. If you’re a business owner, take it upon yourself to make sure your website is secure to provide that trust you need to develop with your important customers. This is the only way you can built trust online with your consumer segment, so find an SSL program that works best for you to ensure you develop that trust with your customers from the beginning.

October 10 2012


The Coolest Features of New SSL Certificate Software Explained Easily

Although there are many cool features of SSL Certificate software programs that are available for companies and consumers alike, many regular computer users often wonder what the language the benefits are written. Let's be real for a minute - the description of most computer software programs tends to be written in a language similar to computer code. And for the most part, it is very difficult to comprehend the actual content which is written in terms that the novice computer user can absorb.

So, in order to simplify this chronic issue, here are some of the coolest new features that SST Certificate software programs are offering their customers. This information is best used for people or companies who have or are intending on building an online presence for their company.

There are virtually three different types of SSL Certificate features available on the market right now and by understanding the difference between each, your ability to make a more informed purchase becomes more realistic.

The First type of program is called a High Assurance Certificate

A high assurance certificate it the traditional certificate level which is provided by most SSL Security software companies. In order to use this type of certificate, you have to verify a few things such as the ownership of the domain name as well as ensuring that the domain is registered to a licensed and registered business. This information is printed on the actual certificate that users or visitors to your website can actively see where the certificate is displayed in the URL.

It traditionally takes a little while for the high assurance certificate to be verified, however the program allows users to have a high level of trust in knowing your website is safe and secure to use and that your company is reliable and ethical as well.

The Second type of program is a Low Assurance Certificate

A low assurance or also known as a domain-validated certificate is one that only provides assurance to customers or online visitors that the domain name is safe and secure - and not your business or organization which is attached to the website. This is a version that many online websites that might provide some sort of user interaction - but are not concerned about providing trust to their users - meaning the website is for viewing and not selling products or services.

The final type of program is an EV Certificate

This program is designed to reduce the phishing (which is when people try to steal your user names, passwords and other secure information) attacks that are common with most internet hi-jacks today. This process takes a little longer to verify and set up the actual certificate which has a positive attribute of providing an even higher level of assurance to your customers than a traditional high assurance certificate level we talked about above. You can tell if a website is EV Certificate when the url address bar is green.

Understanding the basics about how these three levels of SSL certificate protection can significantly help you make a more informed decision on how to protect your website and provide your customers significant levels of trust.

October 08 2012


Understanding the Basics of SSL Certificates

There is a lot of talk these days in regards to how important installing an SSL certificate is to keep your website and online activities protected against security threats abroad. Whether it is to ensure nobody hacks onto your website and steals your private company information or to protect the customers and visitors to your website from having their private information stolen, the need to have some sort of internet security is vital.

In recent years, SSL Brands like Comodo and Norton have developed several key upgrades to develop highly effective SSL Security Certificates which truly capture nearly 100% security for a website and the visitors to those sites. But, many people simply don’t speak the computer lingo or understand what exactly an SSL Certificate does.

So, in order to simplify this is easy to understand language, here are a few basics on what an SSL certificate is and what it does best.

In simple terms, a SSL Certificate is a digital computer file which is comprised of very small pieces of html computer code (also known as the language the computer speaks) which serves two primary functions:

  • Authentication and Verification; this is used to identify the individual user or the website itself that physically displays to users when they access a website. It tells the user that the website they are using is a secured website which uses a particular SSL security program. This SSL Certificate is displayed in the URL of the prior to the https indication on the website URL. If you click on that box (usually green in color) it will tell you about the specific security features that are activated.
  • Data Encryption; the second thing that SSL Security Certificate does is create an encrypted or coded content on a website which can’t be read, or stolen by anybody or any other device that does not have direct access to the website you are monitoring. Here is a better way to explain how this feature works.

Let’s say for example, you are sitting in an airport with your laptop and you are planning on buying a new pair of shoes from Zappos.com. You find the shoes you want to purchase and you enter your secured information such as your credit card, birthdate, address and other vital information and submit this information for payment. If the website’s content was not encrypted with the use of this type of SSL Certificate, then anybody who has access to the same internet connection as you have can log into your computer (without you knowing) and have that displayed computer screen on their computer.

This would provide them with all the information they would need in order to steal this private information. The Data encryption blocks this or provides a shield of protection from occurring.

Essentially, when you break it down in a basic form, the SSL Security Certificate is a badge of protection, a security feature which will make sure that when you want to access any website

October 05 2012


Great Tips for Installing SSL Certificate on your Wordpress Website

No matter what type of website you use to power your business, one thing remains constant - the need for extra security. In today's world it is becoming more common for hackers, and identity thieves to find their way onto your website and download valuable information which not only can jeopardize your company's integrity and secured information but also steal your customer's vital personal information. This could land you in hot water legally and in some cases end your business completely.

When somebody hacks onto your website, their ability to steal information is virtually endless. From stealing your company private information to taking the personal information of your customers and using it to steal their identity; if you get hacked - you could end up in serious hot water. Is this a risk you're willing to take if you didn't need to?

I'm willing to bet the answer is a resounding no to that question.

So, how does somebody install a Security SSL Certificate on a Wordpress website? It actually is much easier than you'd think. But, before we give you the steps, here are some basic facts about SSL Certificates.

An SSL encryption is a program that allows all your data on the website to be encrypted prior to the data being transmitted over the internet.
An SSL Security Certificate is a secure way to provide confidence to your customers and people visiting your website. This provides them the confidence in knowing that your site is safe to view and use - including spending money on your website.

When consumers make their decision to purchase products, over 75% of them state emphatically that the only ones they will use are websites with a recognized SSL Certificate.

Now that you understand how important it is to have an SSL certificate, the next thing you should realize is how to install it to the back end of your Wordpress website. But, before you do so, you need to pick a good SSL security certificate software program to use which will provide your customers the confidence they need to visit your site.

Once you've done that, here are some helpful hints on how to install your SSL Certificate on the Wordpress files:

>You'll need to open your site directory where the website is hosted either using the cPanel file manager or the FTP server.
>After you've opened up your site directory, you need to access the file called wp-config.php. These files are the Wordpress Configuration files which tell the server how to active and display your website.
>This is the WordPress configuration files and it is the most important in the whole WordPress system.
>When this file is opened, you need to add the following code anywhere in the file folder.

This is the CODE:
/* Enable SSL Encryption */
define('FORCE_SSL_LOGIN', true);
define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);

After this is complete, your Wordpress website will now show https on the menu bar - indicating that it is a secured website. When it comes to delivering quality security for any website, including Wordpress sites, it is important to have the security you need to protect you and your website visitors.

October 04 2012


Role Of EV SSL & Wildcard SSL On E-Commerce

In the robotic virtual world, technology has advanced a lot. Few years ago people used to visit shops to purchase things like gold, gift or anything they needed. But the situation has completely changed due to advancement in technology. People have internet connection and the advent of E-commerce has made them purchase online.

Internet benefited people in many ways coupled with few drawbacks . Security is is predominant when we are online. Number of transactions taking place through internet, which have prompted hackers to deploy sophisticated ways and means to track transactions. They produce a lot of virus tools that can be implemented instantaneously via the web. A company’s security infrastructure shows a concern and understanding for the reality of online threats. However, online security continues to be a challenge for many companies.

While we take e-commerce business both EV SSL Certificate and Wildcard SSL Certificate has major part in it. Confidentiality, authentication and integrity are the major aspects of any SSL security certificate based on which which online visitors verify the authenticity of website.

Why EV SSL Security for e-commerce Business?

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the highest levels of authentication across any SSL certificate type. The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides high visual assurance to customers that your site is secure – immediately giving them the confidence to initiate a transaction. Addition to it EV SSL will generate three additional and prominent user confidence symbols. They are

  1. The closed padlock

  2. The https ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)

  3. SSL secure seal from a valid Certificate Authority(CA).

The EV SSL certificate was designed to strengthen e-commerce security and combat phishing attacks to make EV SSL the most complete SSL certificate available. Visual assurance helps e-commerce merchants increase trust, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and build long-term revenue. Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL certificate requires full organization validation which ensures the green address bar is associated with only the most trusted companies.

Benefits Of EV SSL

  • Boosted consumer confidence with the Green Address Bar, exclusive to EV SSL

  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Ease of EV deployment by using EV Enhancer technology

  • Protect your customers from phishing attacks

Why Wildcard SSL Security for e-commerce business?

Wildcard SSL Certificate enables businesses to authenticate multiple subdomains with a single digital certificate such as payments.yourdomain.com, login.yourdomain.com. Instead of going for a individual SSL Certificate for all subdomains its better to go with the Wildcard SSL which secure all the subdomain with a single digital certificate.

Wildcard SSL certificates work the same way as a regular SSL Certificate, allowing you to secure the connection between your website and your customer's Internet browser – with one major advantage. If you have multiple sub-domains to secure then a Wildcard SSL Certificate purchase can save you hundreds or thousands vs the cost of buying individual SSL certificates.

Benefits Of Wildcard SSL

  • Secure multiple sub-domains on a single domain name with one SSL Certificate

  • Upgrades encryption capabilities of 40 bit browsers to connect at full 128/256 bit security

  • Full business validated certificate

  • Highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256 bit encryption

  • Fast and Automated Process

  • Unlimited Server licenses

For Further Information visit here,


September 26 2012


Why Security Software For PC?

In the present cybernetic robotic world , 85 % of the people use computer and internet for various purposes. Innovative technologies keeps on developing on a daily basis. The internet has improved human lives a lot. World is now so much interconnected within social networks like facebook, twitter, linked in etc.

Mostly people like to spend their time online through chatting, surfing and playing games etc. Internet has enabled us to pay our bills and shop online at just one click.

While we are online, Internet Security is of paramount importance. Now a days various types of viruses are created by cyber criminals and hackers. So many viruses are very tricky and they are designed in such a way that it cant be found out easily.

Security software like antivirus, firewall, internet security software, antispyware and antimalware can get rid of these internet malware threats. Just choosing a security software will not help you get rid of this menace, its in choosing the right security software in accordance with your computer needs.

One should use this security software to protect his or her own computer from damage, and to prevent the computer from being used onto pass infections to other machines without knowledge. Many people are reluctant to shell out the cash for decent anti virus software.

Along with security softwarefollow the below instructions to keep your PC safe.

  • Use an advanced operating system.

  • Keep your OS & applications up to date.

  • Back up your personal data's.

  • Be careful about the new software you install.

  • Set up standard accounts for unsophisticated users.

  • Use a advanced modern browser.

  • Install an anti-virus program and keep it up to date.

Some of the features that a good anti-virus software should enclose are

  • Default Deny Protection

  • Prevention based Security

  • Auto Sandbox Technology

  • Spy ware Scanning

  • Real time access to updated virus definitions

  • personalized protection

  • Application Control

  • Easy and user friendly interfaces

  • Cloud based behaviour analysis

Antivirus from comodo offers you the total PC protection for free, not some stripped down version of a paid product. You can easily scan any drive or file, get in-depth reports on viral activity and detect suspicious files, with our user-friendly interface.

Comodo antivirus uses the following secrets to protect your pc from all kinds of internet malware attacks.

  • Proactive "intelligent" protection intercepts unknown threats

  • Automatic updates for the most current virus protection

  • Easy to use interface lets you install and forget: no annoying pop-ups or false alarms

  • Isolation of all suspicious files eliminates the chance of PC contamination

  • Defense + technology constantly protects you

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 and 152 MB RAM / 400 MB hard disk space

For further information's visit the below link


September 24 2012


Various types of SSL Certificates & it's uses

Internet has transformed the world technologically. Rapid growth in online retail is continuing to a great extent.Phishing, pharming and few other online vulnerabilities has made people fear to initiate an online transaction. They worry that their potential information and sensitive data would be abused or compromised.

While doing online purchases in internet, trust and security plays a major role. To run a successful online business, creating trust in the minds of customer is of paramount inportance. Online visitors should trust you for the data being shared by them is secured tampering and intrusion.

In these cases SSL Certificate is the right solution for you to choose! Secure Socket Layer(SSL) secures data transfers, credit card transactions, logins, secure browsing over social media sites etc.

There are various types of SSL Certificates available in the market.

Some of the SSL Certificate are

  • EV SSL Certificate

  • Instant SSL Certificate

  • Code Signing Certificate

  • Essential SSL Certificate

  • Wildcard SSL Certificate

Each and every certificates are chosen for various uses. Your responsibility is to choose the right SSL Certificate that will suit your budget and provide you the needed web security. EV SSL Certificate helps in creating secure transactions and also assures the visitors about the business a site conducts.

Instant SSL Certificate is one of the high assurance low cost and most effective fast installed certificates. The main role of this certificate is to secure the web server. By this instant SSL Certificate customers could be assured of a complete security of transactions.

To protect the software code, content for the software publishers, users downloading it are facilitated by the Code Signing Certificates. It also allows the software developers to include their digital signatures and the information within the software itself.

Quick and reliable solution for web security are the Essential SSL Certificates. This is a highly trusted SSL Certificate in the industry. This is suitable for you if you are a e merchant because it secure any e-commerce site in no time.

Wildcard SSL Certificate is the right choice if you have multiple sub domains. You can save time and money by consolidating your domain and unlimited sub-domains onto a single SSL certificate purchase.

While taking Wildcard SSL Certificates there are two types in it. They are

  • Domain Validated SSL Certificates

  • Business validated SSL Certificates

Domain validation does not requires any type of document for validation. These certificates are instantly issued. It requires only phone or email validation and take few minutes to validate.

Business validation certificate is not similar to domain validated certificates, business validation requires to authenticate business or organization information and domain ownership of validation.

All Wildcard SSL Certificates support 1024 and 2048 bit csr keys and 128 to 256 bit SSL encryption. All browsers are supported like, Internet Explorer (from version 5 to 9), Firefox ver. 1+, Opera, Safari, etc. A wildcard certificate earns rapid profession of a lot situation.

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September 20 2012


Choosing A Right SSL Certificate For Your Business

Secure Socket Layer(SSL), is a global standard security technology developed in 1994 by Netscape. SSL is fully about encryption. An encrypted link is created between a web browser and a web server by this SSL.

This encrypted link ensures the data passed between web browser and server remains secure and private. If a particular site is enabled by SSL then it shows a secure padlock which appears in their browser.

E-Business providers use this SSL protocol in order to protect their customers ensuring their online transactions remains secure and confidential. Web server needs a SSL Certificate in order to use the SSL protocol.

At present in technological world the number of Certificate Authorities are increasing in huge numbers Certificate provided by the Certificate Authorities contains additional offers like products and services to aid e-Businesses to demonstrate their trustworthiness.

In order to indicate the trust in a website, browsers are indicated with a golden padlock which appears in the browser display. Visitors trust level gets increased resulting in conversion of sales.

Internet has brought drastic changes in the global business arena for enterprises to conduct online commerce. This growth has both benefits and drawbacks. Cyber criminals and other hackers has taken much advantage due to this growth.

Phishing is the largest threat spreading very rapidly. Awareness also has been created on these major internet malware threats. These problems has presented an opportunity for the e-commerce providers to capitalize on consumer fears by displaying trust indicators.

Comodo offers six different Free SSL or Cheap SSL Certificates; Positive SSL, Positive SSL Wildcard, Enterprise Elite SSL, Enterprise Gold SSL, Enterprise Platinum SSL and Enterprise Platinum Wildcard SSL. Its good to Compare SSL certificates and get the one that will suit your needs.

Here are some steps through which you can reduce your chances of your customers being 'Phished' dramatically.

  • Use a High Assurance SSL certificate on any page that request consumer information and payment details.

  • Use positive site seals and trust indicators on payment pages and your home page.

  • Protect you brand. Use a CVC - Content Verification Certificate on key pages and provide your customers access to free tools such as Verification Engine that verify your brand.

Benefits of using High Assurance SSL

  • Provides visitors with trust indicators to drive overall confidence in your brand, products and services.

  • Allows your customers to confidently pass ordering information and credit card details to you in a secure manner.

  • Enable you to boost your visitor conversion rates - increasing your profitability from the same level of traffic.

  • Allows you to utilize the branding power of the certificate vendor to your advantage.

  • Allows you to expand your portfolio of secure services to consumers suppliers and partners.

  • Facilitating web site security from less than $1 per week.

You can Compare SSL using their price , warranty, global market shares and by the free trials offered by them. Learn the secrets of warranty and compatibility to dramatically boost your bottom line profitability, through Digital Certificate related products and services.

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September 17 2012


Wildcard SSL Certificate

The development of technology has high influence on the present cybernetic world. At the blooming stage of the technological development there was no online facilities like Email chatting, social networking's but Internet has brought up various developments that can be done through it, which made human life easier and smarter.

The global standard security technology SSL(Secure Socket layer) was developed by Netscape in the year 1994 which creates an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server. This provides you the secure connection which allows you to transmit any kind of confidential private data online.

SSL secured site will have a padlock in the browsers URL. To prove their identity to web browsers, web servers use this SSL Certificate. In web browser HTTPS Protocol are used for secure and private communication.

Though there are successful global opportunities for enterprises to conduct online there are few drawbacks that are brought by internet also. The growth of internet has also increased the cyber-criminals and internet fraudsters in huge numbers.

While doing business online the major thing to consider is SSL Certificate. There are different types of ssl certificates available in the market. Some are EV SSL, Wildcard SSL, Instant SSL etc.

some vendors offer Free SSL Certificates . For e-Commerce Wildcard SSL Certificate suits the most because of the presence of many sub-domains. Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate has the unique feature of protecting unlimited sub-domain.

For easy management Wildcard certificate is the right choice to choose. It would be very hard to buy and set up tons of SSL Certificates. .

Fixing errors also would be a difficult task. So it would be good if we could manage the domains centrally in a single certificate. Errors are also minimized if we manage a single certificate.

To secure medium and large size e-commerce business this Wildcard SSL Certificate is one of the best and reasonable choice. The security option in this certificate helps in improving your business through increased customers trust and confidence. This also helps you in increasing your sales conversion.

There are large number of Certificate Authorities available at present. The beauty of CA is to pass trust to the users , but all Certificate Authorities do not provides you the trust, only few CA's provide you the trust. .

It establishes a secure link between web server and your browser transparently. Also the padlock signifies the user has an encrypted link with the company that has issued theSSL Certificate .

Wildcard SSL Certificate from Comodo helps you in saving your time by consolidating your domain and unlimited sub-domains onto a single SSL certificate purchase. If you have multiple sub-domains to secure then Wildcard SSL purchase can save you hundreds or thousands vs the cost of buying individual certificates.

Features of Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Save time and money by combining all sub domains onto a single wildcard ssl certificate purchase.

  • Offers Full Business Validation

  • Future proof 2048 bit keys

  • 128/256 bit encryption

  • 99.9% browser compatibility and device recognition

  • Unlimited server licenses

  • Unlimited re-issuance policy

  • 30 day no-question refunds

  • $250,000 warranty

  • Starting at only $ per year

  • 24/7 phone, mail and web support

  • Free Trustlogo - builds customer confidence and aids conversion

Wildcard SSL Certificate from Comodo is the cost effective certificate available. Comodo is the only SSL Provider to offer responsible companies the option of low cost, fully validated and highly trusted SSL certificates. With the availability of InstantSSL, there is no longer any need to opt for more expensive non-validated, untrustworthy encryption-only SSL certificates.

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